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Brandon Sanderson’s writing lectures are free on YouTube

By Maria Korolov

Sci-fi and fantasy author Brandon Sanderson‘s “Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy” lectures are up on YouTube — 13 in all, each about an hour long. They were recorded this spring during a writing class he was teaching for Brigham Young University.

Sanderson is best known for his Mistborn series, for finishing Robert Jordan’s fantasy series “The Wheel of Time,” and for creating Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. Oh, and his books are New York Times bestsellers and he’s won the Hugo award.

If you want more free stuff from Sanderson, check out the free books and short stories available on his website, listen to his Hugo-nominated Writing Excuses podcast,

Topics covered include plotting, world building, character development, and the publishing industry. Don’t skip lecture seven, where Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal takes over with a lecture about writing short stories. You might know her from her book “The Calculating Stars.”

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