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Galactic Civilizations 3 is free from Epic this week

By Maria Korolov

Every Thursday, Epic offers a PC game for free.

Yesterday that was Stardock Games’ Galactic Civilizations 3, a critically-acclaimed, popular game that’s like Sid Meier’s Civilization, but in space.

Other differences include the fact that you can play the game in multi-player mode, battling your friends for control of the galaxy. That’s nice, considering that, in this pandemic, it’s hard to do much of anything else with friends.

Another difference is the story telling. I was impressed by the level of plotting and character development that went into this game. Other games of this type are typically all about the mechanics, but this one has a real story that you can get into.

The game normally costs $40, but it’s free until 11 a.m. Thursday, January 28.

Watch the release trailer from Stardock Games below.

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