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For general editorial inquiries, book review requests, or press releases please email editor@metastellar.com.

Maria Korolov, Publisher and News Editor

Contact Maria with questions about the website, advertising, or editorial partnerships, or about submitting news stories, at maria@metastellar.com.

Maria Korolov
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Geordie Morse, Fiction Editor

Contact Geordie about submitting original fiction at geordie@metastellar.com

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Steve Hovland, Reprint and Excerpts Editor

Contact Steve about submitting reprints of horror, fantasy, and science fiction short stories and book excerpts at tangobayus@gmail.com.

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    Amira Loutfi, Art and Reviews Editor

    Contact Amira about submitting art or book reviews at amira@metastellar.com.

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    Chuck Hand, Essays Editor

    Contact Chuck about submitting essays on topics related to speculative fiction and scientific and societal evolution at chuckhand@metastellar.com.

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    Mal Burns, Broadcast Manager

    Contact Mal with questions about being a guest on our YouTube show at mal@metastellar.com.

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      Renay Intisar Jihad, Social Media Manager

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