Author name: Jim DeLillo

Jim DeLillo writes about tech, science, and travel. He is also an adventure photographer specializing in transporting imagery and descriptive narrative. He lives in Cedarburg, WI with his wife, Judy. In addition to his work for MetaStellar, he also writes a weekly article for Telescope Live.

NASA says it’s spotted 5,000 exoplanets

Reading Time: 4 minutes NASA recently announced that it’s discovered 5,000 exoplanets, a milestone that’s taken 30 years to achieve. An exoplanet is a planetary body outside of our own solar system, and the search for them started in 1992 with NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program. The program is responsible for discovering and studying planetary systems around nearby suns. NASA’s used a …

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SpaceX rocket booster will crash on moon

Reading Time: 2 minutes A rocket booster launched by SpaceX in 2014 is headed on a collision course to the moon. It is unknown precisely where the rocket will crash into the lunar surface. Its orbit is slightly chaotic and perturbed by solar winds and gravity variations.

Help NASA explore Mars

Reading Time: 2 minutes JPL and NASA need your help to identify objects on Mars so that the future Mars land rovers will have an easier time getting around.