Author name: Soter Lucio

Soter Lucio is a great grandmother who does ironing for a living and writes horror at night. She lives alone and her hobbies are reading and writing. She's been published by Sirens Call, Weird Mask, Dark Chapter Press and Migla Press. She can be found on Twitter @JanSoter and on FaceBook at Soter Lucio.

Wholesale Torture

Reading Time: 12 minutes She promised to wait for Jonas Romany. Using his education heartbroken Jonas found a way to hurt the entire community because the mosquitoes were taking too long to do the job.

The Reward

Reading Time: 4 minutes His mother-in-law told him he’d be rewarded for hurting her daughter. He thought she meant she was happy that she was gone. Too late, he realized he was wrong in his interpretation of reward.

Magic for Magic

Reading Time: 4 minutes Love is blind. It feels like a gift from heaven but when it is vengeful there is hell to pay.