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Flowers for Humanity

Reading Time: 4 minutes A haunting tale of the Fundamental Equation of life in this Universe, and its accidental misapplication by the hidden god of the ancients.

On Our Own

Reading Time: 4 minutes On a dead planet, two prospector friends find two huge statues with a secret.

The Last Thing Taken

Reading Time: 9 minutes When Sophia meets Oloku, she thinks it’s the perfect, strings-free affair. But when she learns his secret, she finds there’s a price to pay for loving him.

Gentle Autumn Rain

Reading Time: 4 minutes The ages have been kind and humanity has spread to the stars, but the sun’s time is growing short, and all of her children are coming home.

The Road to Vitebsk

Reading Time: 4 minutes A dedicated officer refuses to leave until others are safe. Death sometimes does not defer duty.

Fingal’s Cave

Reading Time: 17 minutes A rogue scientist’s intrepid search for life becomes a metaphoric and existential journey of the heart that explores how we connect and communicate—with one another and the universe—a journey intimately connected with water.

Dragon Dancer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every year as migrating dragons pass by from across the endless sea, tradition mandates one woman jump into the thunder and dance with the wild beasts as they pass overhead. This year’s Dancer is Lanitia’s sister. The Dancer must die or arrive at The Decent; this time, something new happens.

Behind the Standing Stones

Reading Time: 4 minutes Craig and Hailey had very different ideas about how to celebrate their anniversary. One wanted sunshine and drinks on an island beach. The other was more interested in the enchantments that might be found beyond the standing stones.

The Last Time I Saw the Yellow Skies of Venus

Reading Time: 5 minutes Terraforming Venus is a dream come true, but what about the people who already live above the clouds, eking out a living through technology and grit? The pioneers-on-balloons are forced to relocate, leaving everything their families have built for generations.

Follow Me

Reading Time: 21 minutes When Influencer Jan Pham downloads an app from the dark web that promises fame, fortune, and – most importantly – more followers, she gets more than she bargained for.

Free Friday: Today’s top free Amazon sci-fi and fantasy books for June 16, 2023

Reading Time: 17 minutes We read the first few chapters of each of the top ten free fantasy and sci-fi books on Amazon. Today’s list features an action-packed space opera by a USA Today bestselling author, a secret organization like Men in Black, but for fairies and dwarves, and a couple of very sexy aliens.

A Sampling of Seven Dragons

Reading Time: 4 minutes Before any of the more artisanal offerings you’ll be tasting today, let us begin with a fairly traditional preparation. Yes, the one just before you, and then we’ll go round the plates widdershins from there. Anticlockwise, that is. As you take a bite, note the full-bodied ferocity, the natural balance between dread and might, that …

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Snail’s Pace

Reading Time: 6 minutes Becoming the tutor of an alien on a ship sounds like the perfect answer to Susannah’s problem — she’s orphaned, alone, and penniless in Hong Kong in 1884. What she doesn’t know is that the alien is not Chinese, and the ship is not on an ocean. When she finds her new charge is from another planet.


Reading Time: 17 minutes Thirty years after the Burn, Jackson, an aging ex-soldier, is just trying to survive. A moral person in a world where morality isn’t a particularly good survival trait, Jackson has to choose between his self-interest and doing what’s right.

Juniper and Thorn by Ava Reid

Reading Time: 2 minutes Troubled young lovers, an awesome-but-miserable wizard father, a setting based on a Ukrainian city amid industrialization, and a door-mat protagonist who gradually finds her strength…

The Update

Reading Time: 3 minutes When an almost heavenly woman, Sister Mary, dies she expects she’ll go straight to heaven. But the stranger who shows up for her soul has a trick up his cell phone.

The Mistaken Haunting of Seth Harrison

Reading Time: 15 minutes Excerpt
Lizzie Borden took an axe.
Gave her mother forty whacks.

But did she?

Three grifters get caught up in the Lizzie Borden murders and it plays itself out one hundred years later.

It’s Not in Your Head

Reading Time: 2 minutes When The Soul©  chip is implanted in the cerebral cortex at birth, it’s imagined it will create an immortal soul. But there are problems. 


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