I’ve met countless souls over the years – rich and poor, young and old, across many different places and many different times, but never had I met anyone quite like him.Read More →

AI expert: Don’t fear the robot apocalypse By Alex Korolov With talks of large companies investing in AI weapons, brain-chips being developed to enhance soldiers, and the head of the British armed forces saying that robot soldiers could make up a quarter of the army by the 2030s, people mightRead More →

Companies to up use of AR, VR in 2021 By David Kariuki Around 35 percent of businesses plan on implementing virtual or augmented reality technology in 2021 according to a recently published research report by GetApp, involving 700 small and medium business leaders from around the world. According to theRead More →

What good is being psychic if you can only predict someone’s coffee order or that their shoe will come untied? But our heroine’s normally mundane talent takes a dark turn when she realizes she’s going to be hit by a car. Will she survive? Can she change her fate?Read More →

The shack sits like the hollowed-out shell of a dead insect. The inner walls bleed with rotten wallpaper, and the floor is a gray slab, with a single window overlooking a black seaRead More →

New app turns your room into a 3D workspace By Alex Korolov You can now join virtual meetings in any location and see avatars of coworkers or friends. The VR and AR collaboration platform Spatial released a free AR app for iOS and Android last week. Instead of using aRead More →

When a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed finned gypsy washes up in a small Oregon town, the acting Chief of Police finds herself becoming a reluctant mermaids’ rights activist.Read More →

Simon, a weak man who suffers from stomach pain and headaches, is afraid of everything–fog, insects, his boss. But all of his pain and fears disappear when Simon finds a whole new universe on his Peek device.Read More →

The Angel of El Escorial By Andrew Johnston The notes in the pages that follow are a secret to all but God the Father and their author, Epifanio Artemio Felix, servant of the Holy Mother Church and bearer and translator of the Holy Scripture in the name of Bishop ofRead More →

In a world where vampires are evolved alongside humankind, one a vampire is experiencing a mid-life crisis which includes an unhealthy attachment to his long-dead wife, a struggle with his faith, and mental illness.Read More →

Top 3 VR Headsets for Half Life: Alyx By Ryan Anderson Half Life: Alyx is the 2020\’s VR game of the year. If you want to play the game the best way, we’ve put together a guide to the best VR headset for Half Life: Alyx. What is Half Life:Read More →

When this narrator finds his “special lady,” he is swept away with her beauty and perfection. However, she has a hidden secret and events become increasingly bizarre until he finds out the outlandish truth about her.Read More →

“A unique, bizarre talent” was how critics described Timera Lovich and her wildy speculative poetry. But even she didn’t know the true genesis of her imaginary tales until she realized she wasn’t who or what she thought she was. Until it was too late.Read More →

Quinn Baxter escaped from a tyrannical government and finds that he is now an alien fugitive on the run from his planet’s security squad.Read More →

For Althea Stagg, demigod detective, family history and mythology are often the same thing. So it comes as no surprise to her when a case leads her to a corn maze, and the monster that stalks its prey within.Read More →

A dentist with a dark family history receives a request to fit a patient with a very unique set of teeth. Read More →

A story about a young woman’s journey to find her true identity after her mother dies. It’s also a story about love, Mother Earth, and living without fear.Read More →

Excerpt: Krim Times By Maria Korolov Once upon a time, there was a virtual world that was almost, but not quite, completely unlike 1500s England. The assassin peered out from the window overlooking Leadenhall Street. It was mid-day and there were plenty of targets. Local residents, mostly, but also aRead More →

“An arid world is ruled by the five beast-gods, human-animal hybrids with mysterious powers — but also, increasingly, by the despotic Daonais and their loyal servants, Nade she has no memory of her past  but becomes the target of heated pursuits through the inhospitable desert.Read More →

Update: Netflix is not picking up Away for a second season. Pandemic Bingewatch: Away By Maria Korolov I have to be honest. I’m not really the target audience for Netflix’ new science fiction drama, Away. Yes, it’s about humanity’s first manned mission to Mars. And yes, it stars Academy Award-winningRead More →

A woman with no memory wakes up in a city with no history. The city is alive. Among skyscrapers of flesh and bridges of bone, Kora hunts for her identity and for the forbidden food she craves: a predator and prey at once.Read More →

Milagro By Chuck Hand Jimi awoke, moving only her eyes. It was something she learned from Lonny.  He called it pulling together the threads of your life before you start moving around.  It’s a focusing thing. She reviewed what she could do this day to make her dreams come true. Read More →