Is having everything you have ever wanted or desired as good as it is supposed to be? What if it is more of a curse than a blessing? Read More →

A young girl befriends a mysterious and somewhat grotesque boy who, unbeknownst to anyone else, has taken up residence in her family’s home.Read More →

An undead assassin for an alternate historical Aztec empire pursues a rebel cult leader across a speeding train. To accomplish his mission, he must overcome not only dangerous enemies, but the truth of his own nature as well.Read More →

She promised to wait for Jonas Romany. Using his education heartbroken Jonas found a way to hurt the entire community because the mosquitoes were taking too long to do the job.Read More →

Marta understands. She talks me out of my depression. It’s not like I’m a merchant banker. I’m not a CEO for an Armament Firm or Fossil Fuel Company, she says. I don’t send kids off to war or lobby politicians. I’m not a full time monster like those guys, just part time.
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There’s something strange about the lake near Lester Tarbell’s vacation cabin. Whatever is in it makes Lester just as strange.Read More →

Bodgen, a genius scientist (just ask him) from Romania, has received a fantastical letter from America, a most assuredly made-up place, that claims he has a long, lost brother who is coming for a visit. Bodgen doesn’t believe a word of it, of course.Read More →

The five second burst of sound cycled over and over, breaking against his thoughts like waves against a levy, overwhelming him, washing him away.Read More →

What happens below decks, stays below decks in this horror/humor mashup of the biblical account of Noah’s ark and the doomed voyage of the Demeter in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.Read More →

She was eight when her body rotted away. A virus. They were able to save her brain, and for the last ten years she’s been living inside an eight-year-old android body. Read More →

Jenny hangs the traps every sunset. She measures the string against her arm and wraps it twice around each jar tied with a double knot. She hangs them from the strongest branches of the big dead oak on Hangman’s Hill.Read More →

A money-grubbing politician usurps the limited resources of the town they just burned to the ground. The Boatmen has another idea. Read More →

There is something special about desert at night: A dark-grey sea of emptiness stretched before us, with nothing but sand dunes and tall, sharp rocks for miles around. If we watched closely, we’d see it was crawling with life, with snakes, scorpions, and other little nightmares, but I kept my eyes on the road, and the hitchhiker – Joey – stared at the sky.Read More →

The firstborn of every family is called up to service, in the name of protecting the grace and honour of this Unified Earth.Read More →

The oldest mask shop in Venice has a mask for everything, and the owner will take whatever you have to offer. Read More →

His mother-in-law told him he’d be rewarded for hurting her daughter. He thought she meant she was happy that she was gone. Too late, he realized he was wrong in his interpretation of reward. Read More →

When I mentioned the Kintoc spring tale of relocating entire lakes using braided ropes, a herd of elk and sub-zero temperatures, I didn’t consider that I might soon be living all of it.Read More →

A century ago, a question blossomed in our awareness that has tormented each subsequent generation’s brightest scientific minds. Since other intelligent life must be out there in a universe so vast, why haven’t they found us yet?Read More →

It takes place in a futuristic Rio-São Paulo megalopolis, where old and sick people die and nobody cares. Nobody except the protagonist.Read More →

“My name is Calder Freeman. I am the head arcanist at GraveSecure.” He said it casually, like someone offhandedly mentioning they were a garbageman or an accountant, not an honest-to-God necromancer.Read More →

As William ambles into the kitchen to retrieve his morning coffee, he slips on a patch of melted ice. When he falls on his back, the dishwasher swings its door open and smacks him on the head.Read More →

The old metalworks where Seth’s father was a Robotics technician before the war drafted him; is now a graveyard. He sneaks back inside, never expecting to find Robots, a T-Rex and a communication bot. It is perfect until the police discover them; they are immediately sent for destruction. Read More →

Brother Gregor bent close to his work, his hands trembling as he lifted the taper. Candlelight flickered in the gloom; incense sticks pierced the fetid air. A drab grey light trickled through the tiny windows, illuminating the chalk circle drawn across the floorboards.Read More →

In a war-torn world of brutal fighting between greens and technocrats, three orphaned children collide with destiny. A single decision will define their lives.Read More →

Anca is lonely and she knows it’s because she is different, but when she had a bad accident she encounters somebody that could be a friend. Read More →

I found it in the usual place, where I always find them. Under the rock. “Hello,” I said.  “What’s your name, little feller?” No answer. But I expected that. Read More →

Julia, an elderly woman, is haunted by dementia. Though Alzheimer’s might explain why she can’t remember picking the flowers in the hallway or putting the kettle on, she’s starting to believe she’s being haunted by something else entirely. Read More →

Mina struggles with her gift of the Valiance dance. Her life gets a moment of quiet when her heart is touched by a lonely child. It is not what gifts we are given, but how we choose to use them.Read More →

Someone is trying to turn Baltimore into a gate to Hell. So the mundane and magical communities turn to the one man in the city sworn to defend them. Michael White isn’t the hero you want, deserve, or need.  But he is willing to work on holidays and weekends.Read More →