An undead assassin for an alternate historical Aztec empire pursues a rebel cult leader across a speeding train. To accomplish his mission, he must overcome not only dangerous enemies, but the truth of his own nature as well.

Wholesale Torture

She promised to wait for Jonas Romany. Using his education heartbroken Jonas found a way to hurt the entire community because the mosquitoes were taking too long to do the job.

年兽 Nián Shòu

A young boy in San Francisco’s Chinatown faces a fearsome monster emerging straight out of ancient Chinese legend.

The Cassandra Project

Future scientists try to avert a devastating plague which will take place in year 2020 by sending Zeitnauts back to 2019 to alert world governments.

Boogieman Vigilante

Marta understands. She talks me out of my depression. It’s not like I’m a merchant banker. I’m not a CEO for an Armament Firm or Fossil Fuel Company, she says. I don’t send kids off to war or lobby politicians. I’m not a full time monster like those guys, just part time.


A man who’s forgotten everything knows only that he should stay in motion.

Strange Water

There’s something strange about the lake near Lester Tarbell’s vacation cabin. Whatever is in it makes Lester just as strange.

Stella Maris

In Venice of dreams, a woman struggles through a nightmare and saves the city by damning herself.

The Mad’s Scientist’s Brother

Bodgen, a genius scientist (just ask him) from Romania, has received a fantastical letter from America, a most assuredly made-up place, that claims he has a long, lost brother who is coming for a visit. Bodgen doesn’t believe a word of it, of course.


What happens below decks, stays below decks in this horror/humor mashup of the biblical account of Noah’s ark and the doomed voyage of the Demeter in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Dream of Humans

She was eight when her body rotted away. A virus. They were able to save her brain, and for the last ten years she’s been living inside an eight-year-old android body.

Bota and the Swarm

The creatures were out there, somewhere, waiting for him. But could one stranded human defeat hundreds of hungry aliens?

The Boatmen

A money-grubbing politician usurps the limited resources of the town they just burned to the ground. The Boatmen has another idea.

Conscription Day

The firstborn of every family is called up to service, in the name of protecting the grace and honour of this Unified Earth.

The Reward

His mother-in-law told him he’d be rewarded for hurting her daughter. He thought she meant she was happy that she was gone. Too late, he realized he was wrong in his interpretation of reward.

Metaverse 2030

When Gordon finally gives in and gets fitted for Carbon 14 contact lenses, he has to learn how to see the world differently.

Invisible Bodies

It takes place in a futuristic Rio-São Paulo megalopolis, where old and sick people die and nobody cares. Nobody except the protagonist.

As Seen From Above

When Dave witnesses a deadly hit-and-run from two storeys up, it triggers a chain of events that makes him question reality.


In near-future England, teenage Naomi daydreams of dating a boy from the lunar Colony.

Christmas At Grandma Minerva’s

When Grandma Minerva is bitten trying to buy a special Christmas present for her grandchildren, she is determined to still have a wonderful holiday before she turns.

The Letters

The old metalworks where Seth’s father was a Robotics technician before the war drafted him; is now a graveyard. He sneaks back inside, never expecting to find Robots, a T-Rex and a communication bot. It is perfect until the police discover them; they are immediately sent for destruction.

A Butterfly in Peking

In a war-torn world of brutal fighting between greens and technocrats, three orphaned children collide with destiny. A single decision will define their lives.


Anca is lonely and she knows it’s because she is different, but when she had a bad accident she encounters somebody that could be a friend.

The Scent of Daisies

Julia, an elderly woman, is haunted by dementia. Though Alzheimer’s might explain why she can’t remember picking the flowers in the hallway or putting the kettle on, she’s starting to believe she’s being haunted by something else entirely.

The Valiance

Mina struggles with her gift of the Valiance dance. Her life gets a moment of quiet when her heart is touched by a lonely child. It is not what gifts we are given, but how we choose to use them.

Take Me With You

Earth is about to launch a satellite into deep space with a sole AI on board — until the AI has another idea.

The Knight of Innocence

Someone is trying to turn Baltimore into a gate to Hell. So the mundane and magical communities turn to the one man in the city sworn to defend them. Michael White isn’t the hero you want, deserve, or need.  But he is willing to work on holidays and weekends.

The Last Glance

After the earth has been radiated by nuclear war, survivors move below the surface and build a new society underground, only going to the surface once a year to visit the one last tree that still remains.


When your species is prey, you can never let your guard down. Even when you’re walking home.

Losing It

When the unsuspecting pharmacologist bumps into her former flame in a South London pub, she learns that the very future of the planet may depend on the outcome of her conversation with the drunken professor.


In a time when death is no longer final, how many ghosts walk among us?

The Beast

Marilia has a beast to conquer. It may not have scales or sharp teeth, but it’s just as terrifying all the same. Will this strange metal machine consume her, or will she find a glimmer of hope to hold onto?

Magic for Magic

Love is blind. It feels like a gift from heaven but when it is vengeful there is hell to pay.

Araceli’s Stars

Tattoos. High-fantasy identities. Zeppelins. Magic. Diversity and Inclusion. Oppression. Hope.


Grace is a cult survivor who is called to identify the body of her former cult’s leader and captor.


A lonely alien seeks friendship and fulfillment at an Alaska farmers market.

Quantum Forever

A particle traveling from the beginning of time to the end and back contemplates the balance between hope and fate. Though powerless to control its direction, the particle still has choices.

Three Centuries. Same Radio.

When reaching out to the stars above, the space beyond or the ether, we allocate disproportionate energy into preparing to cast the nets over catching the fish. What do we do with it?


The allure of prospecting a deserted Mars becomes so compelling that nothing else matters. Not even love.

The Wolf of the Woods

When Dominic saved his sister from a monster, he didn’t anticipate he would become one too. Now, he might be the most dangerous creature in the woods and if he doesn’t get help, he could hurt the people he loves.