Claude AI doubles reading length, ups accuracy

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(Image by Maria Korolov via Adobe Firefly.)

Previously, Claude could handle 75,000 words, on, in the parlance of the AI community, 100,000 tokens.

ChatGPT, which previously had a limit of 8,000 words or 32,000 tokens, depending on subscription, increased the token limit to 128,000 in GPT 4 Turbo on Nov. 6, though the feature is not yet available to regular users.

Claude 2.1 now has a token length of 200,000 — or about 150,000 words. I tested this out with one of my unpublished novels, which had previously been too long for Claude to read.

While, by default, OpenAI will use your uploads to train its model, Anthropic respected users’ copyrights since day one. That’s probably because, from the beginning, Anthropic was founded by OpenAI refugees who were looking to build a more ethical, responsible AI.

So what happened when I uploaded my novel? I asked Claude to find all the plot holes. It found seven of them. It was accurate on all counts, though many of them were loose ends that I had deliberately left loose in order to continue the story in the next novel. But several other points it made were totally valid.

Anthropic also claims that Claude is half as likely to make factual errors than before. I don’t really have a way to test this, however.

Anthopic’s Claude is one of two AI apps I recommend, the other being Adobe’s Firefly. Like Claude, Firefly does not train on your data.

Even better, Adobe only trains its AI on fully licensed images, and pays artists for training data — the first payments went out this September. All the images we now use for illustrations here at MetaStellar are created with Firefly, including the image for this post.

Both Claude and Firefly have free plans.

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