Heather glanced around the GraveSecure office, at beige walls, a desk of unvarnished pine, and two brown plastic IKEA chairs, one of which she currently sat in. The only decorations were framed photos of families gathered at gravesites, their faces somber, yet satisfied. The door behind Heather opened and inRead More →

As William ambles into the kitchen to retrieve his morning coffee, he slips on a patch of melted ice. When he falls on his back, the dishwasher swings its door open and smacks him on the head.  “Keepin’ it cool!” the fridge announces and pelts his crotch with a torrentRead More →

The old metalworks where Seth’s father was a Robotics technician before the war drafted him; is now a graveyard. He sneaks back inside, never expecting to find Robots, a T-Rex and a communication bot. It is perfect until the police discover them; they are immediately sent for destruction. Read More →

Brother Gregor bent close to his work, his hands trembling as he lifted the taper. Candlelight flickered in the gloom; incense sticks pierced the fetid air. A drab grey light trickled through the tiny windows, illuminating the chalk circle drawn across the floorboards.Read More →

In a war-torn world of brutal fighting between greens and technocrats, three orphaned children collide with destiny. A single decision will define their lives.Read More →

Anca is lonely and she knows it’s because she is different, but when she had a bad accident she encounters somebody that could be a friend. Read More →

I found it in the usual place, where I always find them. Under the rock. “Hello,” I said.  “What’s your name, little feller?” No answer. But I expected that. Read More →

Julia, an elderly woman, is haunted by dementia. Though Alzheimer’s might explain why she can’t remember picking the flowers in the hallway or putting the kettle on, she’s starting to believe she’s being haunted by something else entirely. Read More →

Mina struggles with her gift of the Valiance dance. Her life gets a moment of quiet when her heart is touched by a lonely child. It is not what gifts we are given, but how we choose to use them.Read More →

Someone is trying to turn Baltimore into a gate to Hell. So the mundane and magical communities turn to the one man in the city sworn to defend them. Michael White isn’t the hero you want, deserve, or need.  But he is willing to work on holidays and weekends.Read More →

After the earth has been radiated by nuclear war, survivors move below the surface and build a new society underground, only going to the surface once a year to visit the one last tree that still remains.Read More →

When your species is prey, you can never let your guard down. Even when you’re walking home.Read More →

When the unsuspecting pharmacologist bumps into her former flame in a South London pub, she learns that the very future of the planet may depend on the outcome of her conversation with the drunken professor.Read More →

Marilia has a beast to conquer. It may not have scales or sharp teeth, but it’s just as terrifying all the same. Will this strange metal machine consume her, or will she find a glimmer of hope to hold onto? Read More →

Grace is a cult survivor who is called to identify the body of her former cult’s leader and captor.Read More →

A particle traveling from the beginning of time to the end and back contemplates the balance between hope and fate. Though powerless to control its direction, the particle still has choices. Read More →

When reaching out to the stars above, the space beyond or the ether, we allocate disproportionate energy into preparing to cast the nets over catching the fish. What do we do with it? Read More →

The allure of prospecting a deserted Mars becomes so compelling that nothing else matters. Not even love. Read More →

When Dominic saved his sister from a monster, he didn’t anticipate he would become one too. Now, he might be the most dangerous creature in the woods and if he doesn’t get help, he could hurt the people he loves.Read More →

When Olivia gets bored in class and doodles a stickman on her arm, she has no idea what she’s in for. When it is brought to life by a rival girl, everything changes. Read More →

The New Gods were cast out two hundred and sixty-two years ago when humanity enacted the Great Blackout. We had already lost almost everything. Rumors have persisted ever since that they would find a way to return and finish what they started.Read More →

A puppet suddenly appears in a woman’s house, and though it is confined to the house only, it follows her like a shadow. Read More →

Lightyears from home, a miner toils on a moon, gradually being hollowed out. They scrape a life, money to support their family, and something like friendship, from the dirt. But when disaster strikes, they are forced to make a hard decision. Read More →

Alone on a foggy day, among the ruins of an old New England town, a runner has an encounter with the ghost of a small child asking for help.Read More →