The Best of MetaStellar Year Two

Forty-eight enthralling stories from the most talented new science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers.

MetaStellar is an online publication focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and horror launched in September 2020, founded by a dozen speculative fiction writers, editors, and artists from around the world.

Since then, we’ve published nearly 1,000 short stories, excerpts, essays, and book reviews by more than 400 writers.

The proceeds from this anthology will help pay for even more original fiction in years to come.

A monk accidentally summons a disgruntled lesser demon.…

 — “Please Hold” by Georgia Cook

In the world of fashion, a stylist takes matters into their own tentacles….

 — “The Fashion Police Are Watching” by Jane Brown

Extraterrestrial beings discover the Voyager craft and send a message……

 — “Out Here” by Scott Beggs

The last true maskmaker in Venice offers a mask that will change minds……

 — “The Mascareri” by Izzy Varju

When a woman can’t afford the proper burial spell, she’s left with an unsettling alternative.…

 — “Grave Concerns” by Aeryn Rudel

A man journeys through an endless fog in search of the mysterious Falls of Imoletta…

 — “The Falls of Imoletta” by Thomas Canfield

A family evacuates their home planet, leaving everything behind…

 — “Twinkle Twinkle” by Matthew Keeley

…and many other short tales of wonder, shock, and awe.


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