Volunteers needed

MetaStellar is run completely by volunteers — our editors, proofreaders, judges, social media managers, artists, web developers and columnists all volunteer their work.

They believe in helping promote speculative fiction, particularly that of new and independent authors.

For some, volunteering also helps them to develop their own skills, network with other authors and editors, and raise their own visibility in the profession.

(Image by Maria Korolov based on source from Tumisu via Pixabay.)

If you would like to volunteer, please contact [email protected].

We are currently looking for the following:

Managing editor

  • Manages the flow of editorial content on the website
  • Works with section editors to coordinate story scheduling and with art and publicity teams members to coordinate promotional efforts
  • Performs a final check to ensure that stories are formatted properly before publications
  • Works with writers and editors to develop column, story and essay ideas
  • Works with website designers to suggest changes to the website
  • Works with newsletter editor to suggest content for the monthly newsletters

This job is both an opportunity to develop and improve editing skills and an opportunity to build relationships with speculative fiction writers and the MetaStellar editors and board members.

Essays editor

  • Recruits and manages essay writers
  • Makes publication determinations about submitted essays, sometimes in consultation with other editors
  • Works with writers and with MetaStellar copyeditors to improve the essays
  • Manages the publication calendar for the essays, and works with writers, artists, and social media managers to promote the essays when they go live

You can see our previously published essays here.


We are looking for writers who can write regular weekly or biweekly columns on topics related to speculative fiction.

Some ideas:

  • 10 cool spec-fic writing prompts: A weekly list of ideas for horror, fantasy and sci-fi writers.
  • Classic story reviews: A review series of classic, public domain spec fic books such as those from Gutenberg and the Merrill Collection.
  • The week in book reviews: A weekly list of speculative fiction book reviews published elsewhere on the Web, with a brief excerpt of each review.
  • This week in space: A summary of that week’s developments in space exploration.
  • This week in AI: The latest developments that bring us closer to Skynet.
  • This week in virtual reality: The latest developments bringing us closer to the Matrix.

We do not require exclusive rights to the columns, and you can republish them elsewhere. We can also include links back to the site where it was originally published, and the author is free to link to their book sales pages, blogs, or social media feeds in their bio.

News writer

We’re looking for someone to do one short news story a week, a quick summary of a development or announcement relevant to speculative fiction readers.

Some examples:

As always, the writer will get a bio box at the bottom of each story with links to their books, website, or social media pages.

How to volunteer

Please contact Maria Korolov at [email protected] and let her know what you are interested in helping with, and a little about your background. Thank you!