Flash Fiction

The Uryuom Plight

Trapped on a backward planet hundreds of light-years from home, a brave astronaut hides in plain sight among the resident aliens and laments the dying world he left behind.

For Love, I Tear

A not-quite-human entity roams the world, hoping to find true love before her kind is erased from existence.

Twinkle Twinkle

A mother, son, and grandmother evacuate a dark, frozen planet earth but dread something even worse.

Decision Tree

Trapped in a life pod attached to a dying spacecraft, an aging, battle-weary engineer has less than three minutes to live and an impossible choice to make. However, thanks to two computer programmers—over 100 years in the past—he’s not alone.

A Rational House

A tightly wound architect is forced to extremes when ridding her house of a man who keeps growing from the walls.


What happens when today’s interstellar travelers meet those that arrived before them?

Everything is a Rocket Ship

There’s something I never told you, but I think you’re old enough now to know. I have a magic inside me. It lives between the lines in my fingertips and changes what I touch so I can fly away to a world far less frightening.

A Mother Knows

After fertility reached an all time low, fertile women are inseminated in an effort to save humanity. While caring for her dying child, one mother takes measure to ensure she won’t have another baby.

A Last Word

An author must tell his three elderly leading characters that he is handing them over to someone else.

Honeybee and the Blot

An unusual rendezvous takes place in outer space. The synthetic creature known as Honeybee brings a young man’s soul to her lover, an entity called the Blot. Yet Honeybee begins to question her relationship with the Blot after it treats her poorly.

Never Gone

Gertrude haunts an office chair at night. But how to get rid of a slightly-annoying ghost?

Tik Tok Man

The five second burst of sound cycled over and over, breaking against his thoughts like waves against a levy, overwhelming him, washing him away.

The Falls of Imoletta

One can spend an entire lifetime searching for something, only to find it lies just beyond your grasp – and your lifetime has vanished in the blink of an eye.


Jenny hangs the traps every sunset. She measures the string against her arm and wraps it twice around each jar tied with a double knot. She hangs them from the strongest branches of the big dead oak on Hangman’s Hill.

Lighthouse In The Desert

There is something special about desert at night: A dark-grey sea of emptiness stretched before us, with nothing but sand dunes and tall, sharp rocks for miles around. If we watched closely, we’d see it was crawling with life, with snakes, scorpions, and other little nightmares, but I kept my eyes on the road, and the hitchhiker – Joey – stared at the sky.

The Mascareri

The oldest mask shop in Venice has a mask for everything, and the owner will take whatever you have to offer.

Universal Story

When I mentioned the Kintoc spring tale of relocating entire lakes using braided ropes, a herd of elk and sub-zero temperatures, I didn’t consider that I might soon be living all of it.

Out Here

A century ago, a question blossomed in our awareness that has tormented each subsequent generation’s brightest scientific minds. Since other intelligent life must be out there in a universe so vast, why haven’t they found us yet?

Grave Concerns

“My name is Calder Freeman. I am the head arcanist at GraveSecure.” He said it casually, like someone offhandedly mentioning they were a garbageman or an accountant, not an honest-to-God necromancer.

Amelia’s Appliances

As William ambles into the kitchen to retrieve his morning coffee, he slips on a patch of melted ice. When he falls on his back, the dishwasher swings its door open and smacks him on the head.

Please Hold

Brother Gregor bent close to his work, his hands trembling as he lifted the taper. Candlelight flickered in the gloom; incense sticks pierced the fetid air. A drab grey light trickled through the tiny windows, illuminating the chalk circle drawn across the floorboards.

The Box

I found it in the usual place, where I always find them. Under the rock. “Hello,” I said.  “What’s your name, little feller?” No answer. But I expected that. 

Take Me With You

Earth is about to launch a satellite into deep space with a sole AI on board — until the AI has another idea.

Magic for Magic

Love is blind. It feels like a gift from heaven but when it is vengeful there is hell to pay.

Araceli’s Stars

Tattoos. High-fantasy identities. Zeppelins. Magic. Diversity and Inclusion. Oppression. Hope.


Grace is a cult survivor who is called to identify the body of her former cult’s leader and captor.

Quantum Forever

A particle traveling from the beginning of time to the end and back contemplates the balance between hope and fate. Though powerless to control its direction, the particle still has choices.

Three Centuries. Same Radio.

When reaching out to the stars above, the space beyond or the ether, we allocate disproportionate energy into preparing to cast the nets over catching the fish. What do we do with it?


The allure of prospecting a deserted Mars becomes so compelling that nothing else matters. Not even love.

Limb Regeneration Therapy

Will this be the doctor who finally takes on Aki’s limb regeneration? It’s the sixth alien specialist and hope is slowly vanishing from his eyes.


Lightyears from home, a miner toils on a moon, gradually being hollowed out. They scrape a life, money to support their family, and something like friendship, from the dirt. But when disaster strikes, they are forced to make a hard decision.