Author name: Andrew Dunn

Andrew writes science-fiction and fantasy from the state of Maryland, often drawing ideas from jogs through forest trails at sunrise. His work has previously appeared in AntipodeanSF, 365 Tomorrows, Daily Science Fiction, Penumbric Speculative Fiction, and in MetaStellar as reprints and MetaStellar Anthhology – his work has also short-listed in several writing contests. Andrew welcomes reader feedback at [email protected].

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Dubious captains, drones, economies built around recycled rocket boosters, and love.

Three Eight Two

Reading Time: 13 minutes Where past and future meet, often it’s those living in the present that feel most conflicted.

The Inverness Soliloquies

Reading Time: 4 minutes Horror in an undersea refuge with an acrostic and deliberate reference to Shakespeare thrown in for good measure.


Reading Time: 3 minutes What happens when today’s interstellar travelers meet those that arrived before them?


Reading Time: 4 minutes A new take on the traditional space aliens arrive on Earth story – I hope you like it!

Araceli’s Stars

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tattoos. High-fantasy identities. Zeppelins. Magic. Diversity and Inclusion. Oppression. Hope.


Reading Time: 3 minutes The allure of prospecting a deserted Mars becomes so compelling that nothing else matters. Not even love.


Reading Time: 3 minutes And then I was fading, ears ringing and body broken by shrapnel that jingle-jangled in my pocket, before I failed Christiane.

Evacuation: Earth

Reading Time: 4 minutes Evacuating Earth was arguably the most difficult thing ever undertaken by humankind. 


Reading Time: 4 minutes An old-tech modem leads an ex-con back into a world of crime.