Forty-one enthralling stories from the most talented new science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers.

MetaStellar is an online publication focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and horror launched in September 2020, founded by a dozen speculative fiction writers, editors, and artists from around the world.

Since then, we’ve published over 600 short stories, excerpts, essays, and book reviews by nearly 300 writers.

The proceeds from this anthology will help pay for even more original fiction in years to come.

A band of faeries endeavors to help a worthy little girl…

– “Twinkle” by Katrinka Mannelly

Lizzie Williams keeps a head in a burlap sack…

– “Lizzie Williams’ Swampy Head” by Joshua Jones

It’s never a good thing to wake up and find yourself covered in marigolds…

– “How the Monarchs Came to Utah” by E. E. King

The old storms have gone away, and a little wonder has gone out of the world with them…

– “The Old Storms” by Nina Shepardson

In a society where everybody is beautiful, physical imperfection becomes a career move…

– “Bellatrification” by Jelena Dunato

Two cyborgs, a woman, and a parrot, are outmatched by their deep space competitors…

– “A Ship With No Parrot” by R. J. Theodore

A dentist with a dark family history receives a request to fit a patient with a very unique set of teeth…

̶ “Second Bite” by Aeryn Rudel

A hayride with an old friend from the past unveils uncomfortable truths…

– “William’s Legacy” by Bridget Haug

… and thirty-two other short tales of wonder, shock, and awe.

Full List of Stories:

Quietly, Ross by Kerry E.B. Black
Dagger Quest by Glenn Bresciani
Brenda by William C. Burns, Jr.
Apotheosis by Stephen Case
House Keepers by James Cato
Concerto by Barry Charman
No Worlds Left To Conquer by Charles Q Choi
Safe Harbor by DC Diamondopolous
Bellatrification by Jelena Dunato
Evacuation: Earth by Andrew Dunn
The Dark Constellation by Tony Dunnell
The Howler on the Sales Floor by Jonathan Ficke
Weekend Treasures by Melody Friedenthal
The Superhero Registry by Adam Gaylord
The Church of the Written Word by Charles Hand

Spiral Woman by Amanda Hard
Treasure Hunt by Neil Harrison
William’s Legacy by Bridget Haug
A New Home by Ted Hayden
The Talecrafter’s Apprentice by Michael M. Jones
Lizzie Williams’ Swampy Head by Joshua Jones
How the Monarchs Came to Utah by E E King
Twinkle by Katrinka Mannelly
Siren Song by Beth McCabe
The Unfinished Novels of Mandrake Fluke by Matt McHugh
The Greatest Mystery of the Universe by M V Melcer
Maize by Marshall J Moore
Fur by Bret Nelson
The Lingering Taste of Mars by Wendy Nikel

If Suddenly You Forget Me, Do Not Look for Me by Spencer Nitkey
All Appearances Aside by Avery Parks
Barter Queen by Sarah Pauling
Behold by Louis B. Rosenberg
Second Bite by Aeryn Rudel
Day Three by Robert Runte
The Old Storms by Nina Shepardson
How I Came to Be Raised by Balniwan the Fool by Adrian Simmons
The Bars of Orion by Caren Gussoff Sumption
A Ship With No Parrot by R J Theodore
The Wolf in the Woods by Surina Venkat
Situation by Nicole Walsh

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