A post-apocalyptic story that mixes cyberpunk with biopunk. It conveys the message of maintaining your humanity while surrounded by so much technology (so much that it feels that you’re becoming a cyborg yourself). Read More →

A darkly humorous sci-fi tale of a federation of aliens on a cosmic mission to ‘a-sex’ civilizations throughout the universe, including Earth’s. After reading this piece, you will never think of UFO abduction stories in the same way again.Read More →

Trapped on a backward planet hundreds of light-years from home, a brave astronaut hides in plain sight among the resident aliens and laments the dying world he left behind.Read More →

When exploring abandoned wrecks within the accretion disk of a black hole Rhea, a inexperienced girl living on the salvage ship Thanaku, discovers the impossible: the body of a female human, dormant within a 100-year old container. Nobody on the ships believes it should be revived but Rhea can’t help feeling kinship with this semi-mythical creature.Read More →

Meet Leo. Experiment, child, or monster? What makes him beautiful is that he is not human. He’s better.Read More →

What happens when today’s interstellar travelers meet those that arrived before them?Read More →

After fertility reached an all time low, fertile women are inseminated in an effort to save humanity. While caring for her dying child, one mother takes measure to ensure she won’t have another baby. Read More →

In a world where it is illegal to be unhealthy, a young doctor must choose between her heart and the career she’s fought so hard for…Read More →

Centred on the Igbo Mmanwu Festival, Chinaza’s words dance between the past and present, capturing the essence of family ties and spirituality of this time of year.Read More →

An unusual rendezvous takes place in outer space. The synthetic creature known as Honeybee brings a young man’s soul to her lover, an entity called the Blot. Yet Honeybee begins to question her relationship with the Blot after it treats her poorly. Read More →

A Shingon Buddhist successfully accomplishes Sokushinbutsu, the practice self-mummification. Once achieved, however, what initially appears to be confirmation of that philosophy turns out to be something quite unexpected. Read More →

Is having everything you have ever wanted or desired as good as it is supposed to be? What if it is more of a curse than a blessing? Read More →

A young girl befriends a mysterious and somewhat grotesque boy who, unbeknownst to anyone else, has taken up residence in her family’s home.Read More →

An undead assassin for an alternate historical Aztec empire pursues a rebel cult leader across a speeding train. To accomplish his mission, he must overcome not only dangerous enemies, but the truth of his own nature as well.Read More →

She promised to wait for Jonas Romany. Using his education heartbroken Jonas found a way to hurt the entire community because the mosquitoes were taking too long to do the job.Read More →

Marta understands. She talks me out of my depression. It’s not like I’m a merchant banker. I’m not a CEO for an Armament Firm or Fossil Fuel Company, she says. I don’t send kids off to war or lobby politicians. I’m not a full time monster like those guys, just part time.
Read More →

There’s something strange about the lake near Lester Tarbell’s vacation cabin. Whatever is in it makes Lester just as strange.Read More →

Bodgen, a genius scientist (just ask him) from Romania, has received a fantastical letter from America, a most assuredly made-up place, that claims he has a long, lost brother who is coming for a visit. Bodgen doesn’t believe a word of it, of course.Read More →