Short Stories

Club Fiends

The wild hunt calls, and it’s time for Ondine to depart this world, alongside her club-obsessed brothers and sisters. Yet she’s in love with a mortal – or is she? Her decision to stay or go must be made fast, for a terrible monster hunts her


On a distant planet, a young alien and his human neighbor plot to escape to the paradise known as Earth.

Speed of Shadow

When a mysterious, dark figure keeps up with a family’s car at highway speeds, one little girl must inform her dad of the danger before it’s too late.

I Got Dem Ol’ Apocalypse Blues Again

Jackson, a wanna-be bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic city, has been hired to find the people responsible for several acts of industrial sabotage. A moral person living in a city where morality isn’t a particularly good survival trait, Jackson ends up facing a crisis of conscience.

Mortimer the Maus

In “Mortimer The Maus,” Picco conveys the childhood terror of becoming lost in a large crowd, and the perils of being found by something else.

Virtually Yours

In a world of seamless surveillance where virtual and real coalesce in a teasing dance, love is the trickster

Mother Worked Nights

A boy struggles to come to terms with his absentee mother. His father insists it’s due to her busy work schedule, but something doesn’t seem right.

Playing House

Three sisters play a dangerous game in a house which mysteriously appeared–and which could vanish again at any moment.

Arachno Thank You

Thomas makes progress with his shrink, but the process of opening up and sharing his dreams has an unintended effect.

(Image provided by Ursula O'Reilly)


Marion recalls a tale her grandma told which she has never forgotten. The story of Kara O’Brien, a strange looking child who attended the village school in Connemara, Ireland, where the old lady grew up. Marion’s grandma reveals a secret that was known only by herself and her Aunt Josie. Kara O’Brien was no ordinary child.


Sarah moves back to her old stomping grounds and buried memories return to haunt her. The only way to exorcise them is to face them head on, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to shine a light on the horror that lies within.

The Laws of Nature

Two space prospectors, Zdenek and Sarika, encounter an unusual unknown life form in space. Due to carelessness, the first contact with it turns out to be too harsh and the situation escalates…


The alarm blared. Tim Jorgensen opened his eyes and sighed. The clock was yellow. It should have been red!

Living in a buggy computer simulation is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The Savage Year

In 1968, mage Artemis West has a dull government job double-checking the bindings of ancient demons. Only someone’s just set one of them free. With the help of a teenage vagabond girl, Artemis has to catch a cosmic horror or America won’t make it to 1969.


An android physician achieves a fleeting moment of sentience.

Dumping Ground

A damaged android is abandoned on a junk world, where she finds a society of androids who had been discarded by humanity.


Does the value of true peace transcend the means of its own achievement?

Ye Anointed

As many faithful gather to worship their gods, another group gather for something else.
One sees it as a sermon with a dead audience,the rest see it as an unholy sacrifice to a malevolent entity. Terrible,but necessary in order to end their suffering.

Medicated Success

Mr. Frabbit is a new man on new medication. His days of hallucinating blue cats are behind him. Now he can look forward to returning to work. On his first day on the job, he is alarmed to be having hallucinations of miniature trains. This is new. Mr. Frabbit begins to question if his medication has been successful.

Three Eight Two

Where past and future meet, often it’s those living in the present that feel most conflicted.

The Not-So-Duff Duff-Duff

Butter won’t melt in her mouth – and neither, therefore, will butter cookies. An Undercover Secret Agent (upper case hers), recruited by the far-flung planets Government after a solar system-wide call for applications, brings down the Underworld (upper case theirs) by pretending to be a Pillar of Society.

A Tour of Fort Helix

Bioengineering armies of killer mutants to fight the War against Evil is a growth industry in 28th Century Australia.

Morphing Man

A telemarketing firm is struggling to make a profit. A star top biller is hired to turn the business around, but he presents a greater face of horror than the sight of a shrinking bottom line.

The Way of Water

A woman stands two metres from a public paying water tap, dying of thirst in a water-scarce world rife with corporate/government corruption and global resource warfare.


A post-apocalyptic story that mixes cyberpunk with biopunk. It conveys the message of maintaining your humanity while surrounded by so much technology (so much that it feels that you’re becoming a cyborg yourself).

Asexuals of the Cosmos, Unite!

A darkly humorous sci-fi tale of a federation of aliens on a cosmic mission to ‘a-sex’ civilizations throughout the universe, including Earth’s. After reading this piece, you will never think of UFO abduction stories in the same way again.

The Wedding Party

Finding lonely sanctuary in the woods the protagonist finds the only company he has is the waterlogged wedding party bobbing in the pond.

The Uryuom Plight

Trapped on a backward planet hundreds of light-years from home, a brave astronaut hides in plain sight among the resident aliens and laments the dying world he left behind.

In the Shadow of the Stars

When exploring abandoned wrecks within the accretion disk of a black hole Rhea, a inexperienced girl living on the salvage ship Thanaku, discovers the impossible: the body of a female human, dormant within a 100-year old container. Nobody on the ships believes it should be revived but Rhea can’t help feeling kinship with this semi-mythical creature.


Meet Leo. Experiment, child, or monster? What makes him beautiful is that he is not human. He’s better.