Free Friday: Today’s top free Amazon sci-fi and fantasy books for Feb. 3, 2023

We read the first few chapters of each of the top ten free fantasy and sci-fi books on Amazon. Today’s list includes a young lawyer trapped in a quirky, magical town, a girl who can see angles, a decommissioned spaceship that’s now humanity’s only hope to stop an alien advance, and book that’s been made into an action movie starring Mark Wahlberg.

Stump Kid

A tween makes a deal with the local urban legend to ensure that his final Halloween Trick-or-Treating goes according to plan.

In the Bowels of the Theater

There is magic in the theatre, ancient and powerful – not just of the stage, but of an elder and mighty god…one which Sucunde would see freed and restored.


Dubious captains, drones, economies built around recycled rocket boosters, and love.

Club Fiends

The wild hunt calls, and it’s time for Ondine to depart this world, alongside her club-obsessed brothers and sisters. Yet she’s in love with a mortal – or is she? Her decision to stay or go must be made fast, for a terrible monster hunts her

Dramatis Personae

A speculative riff on T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men and the lack of interpersonal connection in the modern world. This is the way the world ends: When it can’t afford to pay the supporting cast.


On a distant planet, a young alien and his human neighbor plot to escape to the paradise known as Earth.

The Witch’s Wife

There’s a strange game the local children play in the woods, one where there are only three things you can be: the Witch, the Witch’s Wife, or Soup.


Cara McHenry has only one chance to get a lead on her kidnapped sister, but the only ace up her sleeve is surprise . . . if she can hold her nerve.

Speed of Shadow

When a mysterious, dark figure keeps up with a family’s car at highway speeds, one little girl must inform her dad of the danger before it’s too late.

Four Season War

The seasons pass, and recruit Charlie-7 loses himself in war.

I Got Dem Ol’ Apocalypse Blues Again

Jackson, a wanna-be bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic city, has been hired to find the people responsible for several acts of industrial sabotage. A moral person living in a city where morality isn’t a particularly good survival trait, Jackson ends up facing a crisis of conscience.

Mortimer the Maus

In “Mortimer The Maus,” Picco conveys the childhood terror of becoming lost in a large crowd, and the perils of being found by something else.

The Feather and the Lamp

A magic lamp should have been a gateway to Imperceptibility’s every desire. So how did she end up in the underworld covered in slobber from a three-headed dog? And then there’s capture by fanatical priest-mercenaries, sacrifice to a quantum dragon, and getting trapped in a chicken coop. Will she ever find her way back home? More important still, what’s a goose feather got to do with any of this?

Annihilation Plan: (Mars Wars Book 3)

If you happened to have an illegal telescope, or proxied your galaxynet address well enough to pirate your way to satellite images of Mars, you might glimpse a damaged but operational Mars Orbiter 1, alive with ‘rebels. If so, you’d be witnessing Mars Wars.

Virtually Yours

In a world of seamless surveillance where virtual and real coalesce in a teasing dance, love is the trickster

Disney’s Black mermaid is no breakthrough

Mermaids have become a cultural phenomenon, and clashes about mermaids and race have spilled out into the open. This is most pointedly apparent in the backlash over Disney’s much-anticipated “The Little Mermaid.”


An email subscriber becomes disillusioned and frustrated with the effects of a blog’s magical advice.