Fall 2022 Call for Submissions Opens October 1st

The fall 2022 submission cycle for original speculative fiction begins on October 1 and closes at midnight on October 31. We’re looking for your best enthralling, imaginative, or bone-chilling original fiction stories, as long as they’re 1,200 words or fewer. Please visit our flash fiction submission page for full details and the online submission form. …

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In SuperGiant Games’ Hades, Players will Die, Die, and Die Again

The Hugo Award-winning Hades, developed and published by SuperGiant Games, puts players in the role of Zagreus, the son of the Greek God of the Underworld, as he fights wave after wave of enemies to escape the Underworld and find his birth mother, Persephone. Hades is probably one of the most difficult games to have …

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USSF: Sailing the Deepest Sea

As an author, I’ve found grounding my science fiction in reality produces a more layered, immersive tale. Science fiction stories often occur in space. So, sci-fi readers and authors may appreciate this introduction to a relevant real-world organization, the United States Space Force, or USSF. The US Space Force Is No Joke Perhaps the first …

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A Tour of Fort Helix

Bioengineering armies of killer mutants to fight the War against Evil is a growth industry in 28th Century Australia.

Author Alexei Panshin in brown cowboy hat, black vest, and flannel shirt. Image source: file770.com

Alexei Panshin, Author Of The Anthony Villiers Series, Dies at Age 82

Science fiction author Alexei Panshin, known for such novels as his Anthony Villiers series, Star Well, The Thurb Revolution, and Masque World passed away on Sunday, August 21. He was 82. His work has won several awards. His debut novel, Rite of Passage, published in 1969, won a Nebula Award and was nominated for a …

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NYC’s Nuclear Warning PSA: A Hot Mess

When one watches the PSA, one gets the feeling the film is a harbinger of things to come. Like, it’s their way of trying not to create a panic, but also getting to say, “Hey, we warned you.” Which seems very on-brand for our government.

Morphing Man

A telemarketing firm is struggling to make a profit. A star top biller is hired to turn the business around, but he presents a greater face of horror than the sight of a shrinking bottom line.

Camelot’s Last Heroes

An exiled fairy knight must lead a mismatched band of would-be heroes against the ultimate evil. The story is full of action, humor, and surprises. There are dwarves, fairies, magicians, an assortment of monsters… oh yeah, and some kids with a dog. What more can one want?

Wahlbeck App Hiring Fiction Writers

Editor in Cheif of Wahlbeck Inc. Mark Wahlbeck recently released a Loom video to his discord community saying that he was going to pay writers $3000 for the rights to 30,000 words of science fiction.

The Way of Water

A woman stands two metres from a public paying water tap, dying of thirst in a water-scarce world rife with corporate/government corruption and global resource warfare.