Marilia has a beast to conquer. It may not have scales or sharp teeth, but it’s just as terrifying all the same. Will this strange metal machine consume her, or will she find a glimmer of hope to hold onto? Read More →

Free Monday: Today’s top free Amazon “SF” for October 11. by Melody Friedenthal Maria and Amira of the MetaStellar staff have been bringing you, our well-loved readers, “Free Fridays” for several months now. This regular column consists of short reviews of the top ten books that appeared that week onRead More →

Grace is a cult survivor who is called to identify the body of her former cult’s leader and captor.Read More →

A particle traveling from the beginning of time to the end and back contemplates the balance between hope and fate. Though powerless to control its direction, the particle still has choices. Read More →

When reaching out to the stars above, the space beyond or the ether, we allocate disproportionate energy into preparing to cast the nets over catching the fish. What do we do with it? Read More →

The allure of prospecting a deserted Mars becomes so compelling that nothing else matters. Not even love. Read More →

When Dominic saved his sister from a monster, he didn’t anticipate he would become one too. Now, he might be the most dangerous creature in the woods and if he doesn’t get help, he could hurt the people he loves.Read More →

When Olivia gets bored in class and doodles a stickman on her arm, she has no idea what she’s in for. When it is brought to life by a rival girl, everything changes. Read More →