Forever 51

Reading Time: 12 minutes Novel excerpt: Veronica is eternally fifty-one years old with a proclivity for problematic drinking. Like most hormonally-challenged women negotiating the change of life, she is a hot mess. To retain her sanity, she attends weekly AA meetings and adheres to a strict diet of organic, locally-sourced, (mostly) cruelty-free human blood from the hospice facility where she works.

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Reading Time: 12 minutes In the aftermath of the Hives invasion of earth, the society of the old world was shattered, and in response to the possibility of the aliens return, the authoritative Collective took hold of the sphere. Alexander King, a loyal soldier of the Collective, discovers that the Hive’s presence is stronger than commonly believed, and that its secrets may be far too powerful for any military effort.

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Snail’s Pace

Reading Time: 6 minutes Becoming the tutor of an alien on a ship sounds like the perfect answer to Susannah’s problem — she’s orphaned, alone, and penniless in Hong Kong in 1884. What she doesn’t know is that the alien is not Chinese, and the ship is not on an ocean. When she finds her new charge is from another planet.

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Dead Station: Rebellion

Reading Time: 11 minutes An ancient horror slumbered beneath the wastelands of Titan, waiting for us to find it – and now we have. Contact has been lost with the outer mining colonies and an emergency recovery team mobilized. They expected the miners to be dead. What they find is far worse.

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The Feather and the Lamp

Reading Time: 11 minutes A magic lamp should have been a gateway to Imperceptibility’s every desire. So how did she end up in the underworld covered in slobber from a three-headed dog? And then there’s capture by fanatical priest-mercenaries, sacrifice to a quantum dragon, and getting trapped in a chicken coop. Will she ever find her way back home? More important still, what’s a goose feather got to do with any of this?

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Camelot’s Last Heroes

Reading Time: 16 minutes An exiled fairy knight must lead a mismatched band of would-be heroes against the ultimate evil. The story is full of action, humor, and surprises. There are dwarves, fairies, magicians, an assortment of monsters… oh yeah, and some kids with a dog. What more can one want?

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Blood Prism

Reading Time: 26 minutes

Penny Dreadful meets American Gods.

 A literary, romantic, dark-horror  that immerses  you in an alternate San Francisco inhabited by old gods, gold rush madams, Sally Hemings, and vampires. 

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An Unusual Practice

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Dr. Matthew Hamilton just wanted a nice, quiet practice at a small clinic. He never bargained for a reputation as the go-to doctor for supernatural creatures. But his very first patient leads him into a world of werewolves, ghosts, sprites, glass people, imps, and witches. In order for Dr. Hamilton’s unique clinic to succeed, however, he must triumph over malevolent forces who don’t want the supernatural world to have their own “Doctor of the Unusual.”

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Renna’s Crossing

Reading Time: 25 minutes The first part of a contemporary fantasy story for young and new adults. Sixteen-year-old Renna Porter and Job, her mysterious tutor in witchcraft, race to a magical sanctuary deep in the Adirondacks, pursued by a demon hunting down the last of Renna’s bloodline.

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Castaway on Temurlone

Reading Time: 21 minutes

It is indeed a Universe of Miracles! But not for young Pimsol Anderts, idle and jobless on a depressed, waterlogged world, until he signs aboard the interstellar freighter Miraculous Abernathy. Indentured to the aristocratic Wirthy family—and bewitched by beautiful Mirable Wirthy, the latest clone of the long-dead matriarch Imogene Wirthy—Pim’s adventure has barely begun when pirates attack, forcing him to flee the ship with Mirable in tow …

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Blood State

Reading Time: 16 minutes When humans move to an ice planet, biological antifreeze becomes necessary – but only the First settlers have evolved it. General Devereaux goes head-to-head with a First revolutionary as each tries to save their people from the cold front – and from each other. 

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Wyrmhole: Jack Stein #1

Reading Time: 16 minutes

When Pyschic Investigator Jack Stein is hired by Outreach Industries, a massive conglomerate, to find the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a mining crew on Dairil III, he finds himself the target in his mobile city, the Locality, when he gets too close to the truth

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Hellsingers: On Hussars

Reading Time: 7 minutes When the people of Budapest start to disappear mysteriously, it can only mean one thing: monsters. Half convinced the reports are nothing more than superstition, fledgling monster hunters Reave Crackendash and Nels Hellsinger arrive to investigate…and sample the local delights. The siblings, however, discover a conspiracy that will test their commitment to the case, their profession, and each other, not to mention the limits of their magic.

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The Trail of the Beast

Reading Time: 17 minutes For untold ages, the refugees from the land of Deschemb have lived secretly beneath the surface of human society. Now modern civilization crumbles as their ancient feud boils to the surface. As chaos and brutality engulf the world, strange alien forces reshape the lands for a new beginning…for whoever survives.

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The Remover

Reading Time: 37 minutes In a world where vampires are evolved alongside humankind, one a vampire is experiencing a mid-life crisis which includes an unhealthy attachment to his long-dead wife, a struggle with his faith, and mental illness.

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Excerpt: Krim Times

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once upon a time, there was a virtual world that was almost, but not quite, completely unlike 1500s England. The assassin peered out from the window overlooking Leadenhall Street. It was mid-day and there were plenty of targets. Local residents, mostly, but also a fair number of tourists and would-be adventurers looking for quests. The

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Reading Time: 8 minutes An arid world is ruled by the five beast-gods, human-animal hybrids with mysterious powers, but also, increasingly, by the despotic Daonais and their loyal servants. Nade she has no memory of her past but is pursued through an inhospitable desert.

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The Hungry Ones

Reading Time: 15 minutes A woman with no memory wakes up in a city with no history. The city is alive. Among skyscrapers of flesh and bridges of bone, Kora hunts for her identity and for the forbidden food she craves: a predator and prey at once.

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Reading Time: 11 minutes Jimi awoke, moving only her eyes. It was something she learned from Lonny.  He called it pulling together the threads of your life before you start moving around.  It’s a focusing thing. She reviewed what she could do this day to make her dreams come true.  Life is more manageable if you start each day

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