Author name: Susan McDonough-Wachtman

Susan McDonough-Wachtman is a grandmother who has been writing all of her life.  “Well written,” “quirky sense of humor,” and “doesn’t fit a genre” are what editors and agents have been telling her for fifty years. Nevertheless, she persists. Susan lives in the Pacific Northwest with one cat and one husband. Follow her on her on her website Susan McDonough-Wachtman  , Twitter @SusanMcdWFacebook,  and Instagram.

Snail’s Pace

Reading Time: 6 minutes Becoming the tutor of an alien on a ship sounds like the perfect answer to Susannah’s problem — she’s orphaned, alone, and penniless in Hong Kong in 1884. What she doesn’t know is that the alien is not Chinese, and the ship is not on an ocean. When she finds her new charge is from another planet.

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Reading Time: 10 minutes Katia hopes to have a pleasant time with Ben, but when it turns out he hasn’t heard a thing she’s told him about herself, she decides to put her programming skills to good use.

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