Author name: Kenneth Kohl

Kenneth Kohl has published several short stories and articles for literary magazines, e-zines, and podcasts as well as two full-length novels. Kenneth lives in Columbus, Ohio with his beautiful wife, two sons, and an energetic shepherd dog named Daisy. When he is not at his computer working on his next novel, he is probably hiking, biking, or traveling the world. Kenneth's anthologies and novels may be found on Amazon or most local bookstores.

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Living Ship

Reading Time: 13 minutes Stranded when their ship was torn apart unexpectedly, the Crew of the Scorpion were lucky enough to find refuge on a nearby planet. Or were they? It turns out, the planet has a mind of it’s own.

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Reading Time: 36 minutes Meet Leo. Experiment, child, or monster? What makes him beautiful is that he is not human. He’s better.

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Tiny Gods

Reading Time: 14 minutes Anna retires to Northwick, with dreams of living out her remaining years in the comfort of a charming New England town. Things aren’t as peaceful as she had hoped, though, as she discovers the islanders’ bizarre secret.

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The Remover

Reading Time: 37 minutes In a world where vampires are evolved alongside humankind, one a vampire is experiencing a mid-life crisis which includes an unhealthy attachment to his long-dead wife, a struggle with his faith, and mental illness.

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Reading Time: 15 minutes When this narrator finds his “special lady,” he is swept away with her beauty and perfection. However, she has a hidden secret and events become increasingly bizarre until he finds out the outlandish truth about her.

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