Betty And The Demon

Reading Time: 17 minutes Irish-born Father Donahey has been retired to Winterset, Iowa after many years of service as a Catholic Priest in South America. He finds something quite different from the life of books and long rural walks that he expects. The community is awash with supernatural creatures, some friendly, many decidedly not. From selkies and pookas of Irish mythology to pixies, demons, and shape-shifters, Father Donahey must deal with them all to protect his new parish, and the world at large from chaos and destruction.

In this story, a rich computer designer who recently moved from Silicon Valley demands his help in exorcising a demon from his sentient AI, before the evil creature uses the facilities of the supercomputer to rain destruction on the world. Computer geek, priest, and two disabled military veterans fight their way into the computer facility to either send the demon back to hell or to destroy the AI.