Author name: Louis B. Rosenberg

Louis B. Rosenberg is the author of three graphic novels, Upgrade, Eons, and Monkey Room from Outland Publishing, a surreal picture book for adults about artificial intelligence, Arrival Mind, and an award-winning web series, Lab Rats.  He is also a well-known AI researcher who tries hard to instill his fiction with genuine issues facing today's technologists. His popular TED talk about the dangers of AI combines fact and sci-fi.

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Metaverse 2030

Reading Time: 18 minutes When Gordon finally gives in and gets fitted for Carbon 14 contact lenses, he has to learn how to see the world differently.


Reading Time: 8 minutes I’ve met countless souls over the years – rich and poor, young and old, across many different places and many different times, but never had I met anyone quite like him.