Author name: Regina Clarke

Regina Clarke lives in the ancient terrain of the Hudson River Valley, and not very far from where Rod Serling grew up and Jane Roberts encountered Seth. Her background at one time was in the field of IT, writing about subjects engineers wanted to explain, including virtual reality, military surveillance software, and augmented reality. Some of these things have inspired her fiction. Her stories have appeared in Thrice Fiction, Kzine, Mad Scientist Journal, NewMyths, Aurora Wolf, Alien Dimensions, T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, and The Farther Trees, among others. Her fantasy novel MARI was a finalist in the ListenUp Audiobooks competition and three of her stories have been featured on podcasts. You can see her books and story page, book trailer videos, and blog posts at Regina Clarke.

Sweet Bells Jangled

Reading Time: 24 minutes Karin heads up a group of disparate and interesting characters exploring tunnels lined with luminous rock that Earth needs. Good suspense with a satisfactorily scientific denouement and love thrown in. What more could you ask?

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