Fall 2021 submission period closes with more than 400 submissions

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MetaStellar’s open submission period for fall 2021 has officially ended. This was our best cycle for submissions yet, receiving over 400 stories in 31 days. The authors of the stories accepted for publication will be notified on or before November 15. We extend our thanks to all authors who have submitted their work for this cycle, as well as to our volunteer judges. Our next submission period will be in the spring of 2022.

Published authors will be paid 8 cents a word per industry standard. While we only pay for original stories collected during our open submission cycles, we accept reprints at any time. We do not pay for reprints, but we can usually respond to submissions in a few days, instead of a few weeks. In addition, each author may add links to their website, Amazon author page, social media or other marketing pages to bolster their search engine visibility.

Read more about submitting excerpts or reprints here.

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MetaStellar fiction editor Geordie Morse works primarily as a personal language coach, developing curricula and working with clients remotely. His first book, Renna's Crossing, is out now. His various other projects are cataloged on his site Arnamantle.

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