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Productivity, mood management, and battling the demons inside

Business Musings: Reading And Writing by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Why writers need to go back to their first love — reading — in order to refill their creative wells. New York Times and USA Today bestselling — and Hugo Award-winning — author Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes science fiction and fantasy. At, Rusch offers her thoughts about the publishing industry and other topics.

Connect And Write More by Rochelle Melander

People increase their chances of success by 65 percent if they commit to someone — and by 95 percent when they keep an accountability appointment with someone who knows their goals. Rochelle Melander is a productivity expert and writing coach. She’s the author of 12 books, including Level Up: Quests to Master Mindset, Overcome Procrastination and Increase Productivity. For more advice like this subscribe to Write Now Coach via their RSS feed (direct Feedly signup link), on Twitter at @WriteNowCoach and on Facebook at @WriteNowCoach.

Video: How To Avoid Burnout In Your Writing by Jason Hamilton

Burnout is not just about stress and fatigue, but also about having expectations of reward and not receiving it. The solution is understanding your ‘why’, assigning rewards to what is within your control, using tools like AI — or dictation apps — to overcome and prevent burnout, forming solid habits, taking care of yourself, and assigning value to becoming a better writer every day rather than focusing on financial gains or unrealistic goals. Jason Hamilton is a fantasy author. Check out Hamilton’s site, MythHQ. You can also follow him on Twitter at @StoryHobbit and on Facebook at Jason Hamilton. The Nerdy Novelist is a YouTube channel focusing on using AI to write and market books.

The Weight by Reavis Wortham

The writer shares a candid conversation about overcoming self-doubt and external criticism. Award-winning mystery author Reavis Wortham is best known for the Red River series and the Sonny Hawke series. Find out more at The Kill Zone is the home of eleven top suspense writers and publishing professionals. They cover the publishing business, marketing how-tos, and the craft of writing. Follow them on RSS here (direct Feedly signup link). Follow them on Twitter @killzoneauthors.

Other motivational advice this week:

The art and craft of writing

Video: Discover Dibbly Create: Your Secret Weapon For Writing Success by S.D. Huston

Dibbly Create is a new AI-powered tool that helps with outlining, writing, and marketing. Fantasy author S. D. Huston is also a military war vet and a former college literature professor and writing coach. Check out her website at The S.D. Huston YouTube channel features interview and advice related to writing and publishing.

Video: Aha! Get Feedback From Your Ideal Reader With ChatGPT Or Claude by Leeland Artra

How authors can use ideal reader personas to get beta feedback from ChatGPT or Claude for their novels. Leeland Artra is a bestselling sci-fi and fantasy author, and has also been teaching computer technology since the 1980s. In 2022, he began using his professional knowledge for AI prompt engineering for sci-fi and fantasy and RPG materials. Future Fiction Academy’s YouTube channel offers video lab sessions and training for authors who want to learn how to write fiction with AI ethically and efficiently. For more information, check out their website,

Sh*T Doesn’t Just Happen by Steven Pressfield

Whenever you’re about to have a breakthrough — such as achieving a new level of writing ability — your internal resistance starts to kick in. The bigger the potential progress, the bigger the resistance, up to and including getting sick or physical injuries. Steven Pressfield is the author of The Legend of Bagger Vance and other novels as well as The War of Art and other non-fiction books about creative success. Check out his Amazon author page here. offers weekly articles as well as a free mini-course about the business of writing.

Video: 6 Best Non-AI Tools And Services For Authors by Jason Hamilton

Reviews of popular tools Atticus, Miblart, Campfire, Wondrium, Publisher Rocket, and ProWritingAid. Jason Hamilton is a fantasy author. Check out Hamilton’s site, MythHQ. You can also follow him on Twitter at @StoryHobbit and on Facebook at Jason Hamilton. The Nerdy Novelist is a YouTube channel focusing on using AI to write and market books.

Video: How To Write Drunk Characters by Patrick Nilan

Alcohol amplifies existing characteristics rather than creating new ones, and more advice about writing drunk characters from a college student with plenty of experience on the subject. Patrick Nilan is an aspiring sci-fi author and expert procrastinator. He’s best known for his MemesForWriters Instagram page. The Patrick Procrastinates Writing YouTube channel is about writing tips and inspiration.

Video: Yes! You Can Pants A Novel With AI by Stephanie Pajonas

ChatGPT and Claude are great for helping create novel outlines. But what if you’re a pantser and prefer to write without an outline? You can still use AI to help navigate your way as you go. Stephanie Pajonas is an author of both science fiction romance and cozy mysteries. As a seasoned author with over 30 books published, she understands the challenges of writing and also the power of AI tools to overcome those challenges. She also has over 20 years of experience coding and designing websites, including seven years working for Future Fiction Academy’s YouTube channel offers video lab sessions and training for authors who want to learn how to write fiction with AI ethically and efficiently. For more information, check out their website,

Matching Blood To Your Work: FightWrite by Carla Hoch

Trained fighter and author Carla Hoch discusses how to write bloody scenes in fiction based on genre, the type of injury, and more. Carla Hoch is the author of the Writer’s Digest book Fight Write: How to Write Believable Fight Scenes. Her blog,, was in Writer’s Digest Top Websites for Writers in 2019 and 2020. She has training in almost a dozen martial arts and competes in Brazilian jiujitsu. She regularly teaches on the craft of writing fight scenes as well as the mechanics of fighting for writers. Follow Writer’s Digest via their RSS feed (direct Feedly signup link), on Twitter at @WritersDigest and on Facebook at @writersdigest.

Podcast: Revisiting Literary And Speculative Fiction by Oren Ashkenazi, Chris Winkle, and Wes Matlock

What literary fiction even is, what spec fic writers can learn from it, and why you don’t need to sacrifice plot to get great wordcraft or deep characters. Plus, some delicious author drama! Oren Ashkenazi is the speculative fiction manuscript editor, Chris Winkle is the founder and editor-in-chief, and Wes Matlock is a content editor at Mythcreants. Mythcreants is my all-time favorite writing advice site. Get their RSS feed here (direct Feedly signup link) or follow them on Twitter @Mythcreants and on Facebook at @mythcreants.

Other writing advice this week:

The business side of writing

Barnes and Noble Press Review by P.J McNulty

Barnes and Noble Press, formerly known as Nook Press, is an independent publishing platform with one of the most prestigious names in book retail behind it. But does Barnes and Noble Press have anything to offer beyond its brand name? What’s available at Barnes and Noble Press to tempt authors away from Amazon exclusivity? The Book Designer, part of, offers hundreds of articles about book design and marketing.

Take The 2023 Author Survey by Clayton Noblit

Written Word Media runs the biggest author income survey every year. This year, they’ve added questions about AI.
Clayton Noblit is a marketing manager at Written Word Media, a book marketing company. Follow Written Word Media via their RSS feed (direct Feedly signup link), on Facebook at @writtenwordmedia and on Twitter at @WrittenWordM.

Querying Is The Worst by Morgan Hazelwood

Here are a few reasons why writing your own query letter sucks, and a few things that query letter needs in it. Morgan Hazelwood writes from her lair in Northern Virginia. She’s a blogger, vlogger, and podcaster of writing tips and writerly musings, plus an actively querying fantasy author. For more advice like this, follow her on Twitter at @MorganHzlwood, on Facebook at Morgan Hazelwood, and on YouTube at Morgan Hazelwood. At Morgan Hazelwood, she offers writing advice and resources.

Video: 400 Episodes Of The Self Publishing Show by Mark Dawson and James Blatch

The hosts look back on the history of the show and how the industry has changed. They also talk about the importance of treating writing like a business, useful tools for indie authors, and the impact of AI on writing and publishing. Mark Dawson is a USA Today bestselling author who teaches courses about book production and marketing. Check out his website at James Blatch writes military thrillers. For more, check out his website, On the Self Publishing Formula show, Mark Dawson and James Blatch talk about building a career as a self-published author.

Video: Don’t Rip Off Your Readers! by Susan MacGregor

Can you turn your protagonist into an antagonist half-way or more through your novel? Susan MacGregor is an editor with On Spec, one of Canada’s foremost magazines for speculative fiction. Writers’ Rx is a just-launched YouTube channel dedicated to improving writing.

Video: Goal Setting For Authors: 5 Metrics To Track For Your Book by Julie Broad

Book sales numbers are the typical metric used in goal setting for authors, but there are other useful metrics as well, including media appearances, platform growth, new connections, reviews and mentions, and opportunities. Julie Broad heads up a team of self-publishing experts at Book Launchers. Book Launchers is mostly aimed at non-fiction book authors, but with useful advice for fiction authors as well. You can also follow them on Facebook at @booklaunchers and on Twitter at @booklaunchers. And, of course, subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Other business advice this week:

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