Author name: Robert Stahl

Robert Stahl is a former bartender who left his bottle opener behind to follow his dreams as a writer. Now the Dallas-based freakazoid writes advertising copy by day and fiction in the evenings. He loves to connect with others about the craft of fiction. Click the link to find his blog as well as links to some of his stories:

NYC’s Nuclear Warning PSA: A Hot Mess

Reading Time: 3 minutes When one watches the PSA, one gets the feeling the film is a harbinger of things to come. Like, it’s their way of trying not to create a panic, but also getting to say, “Hey, we warned you.” Which seems very on-brand for our government.


Reading Time: 13 minutes Just how long can young Will Graves hold back on his craving for human brains?

Kind of Super

Reading Time: 10 minutes What happens when your superhero powers aren’t so super anymore?