What would you do with absolute power?

Bixby’s The Draw Examines Power and Will By N.T. Narbutovskih A man, twisted by hatred and his own experience, blunders his way into absolute power. He might be the product of his experiences, but he might also rise above the temptation. What would you do? We live in a timeRead More →

The perfect travel situation is at hand!

Williamson’s Cosmic Express Embraces Progress By N.T. Narbutovskih There is now, and indeed has always been, a tendency of society to split between those who favor progress and those who want things left well enough alone. This story hails from the age of exploration, from the space race to nuclearRead More →

What lies in the heart of the moon?

Leinster’s Scrimshaw Takes a Stab at the Moon By N.T. Narbutovskih No person is an island, and no island is underground. The need for human contact, and yes, even human revenge, is a theme that echoes throughout our history. In this story, the stark life of a moon miner conflictsRead More →

NavyCon, the premier science fiction and national security conference, returns for its fourth edition inviting speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including all five branches of the service, as well as civilian academia and science fiction fandom, to present on topics within the theme of national security in transition.Read More →

What is does strange mean, anyways?

Smith’s Helpfully Yours Blends Humor and Culture Clash By N.T. Narbutovskih Different cultures hold different values. The laws and customs of a foreign land can feel downright alien. Smith presents this theme with both humor and biting wit, her plot and prose both presenting hilarious circumstances and commenting on ourRead More →

Phillip K. Dick’s Mr. Spaceship Turns AI On Its Head By N.T. Narbutovskih Any sacrifice for the greater good is acceptable. War doesn’t wait on the needs of the individual. These themes are present in today’s tense international environment just as they were when Dick wrote this packed tale. FromRead More →

As artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are changing the way we wage war, some things will always stay the same. Read More →