Author name: N.T. Narbutovskih

N.T. Narbutovskih is a bestselling author and writes in the tech and security fields. His work has appeared in Metastellar, Air and Space Power Journal and Over the Horizon Journal for both fiction and non-fiction, and he has spoken on leadership and geopolitics at the USAF Squadron Officer School and NavyCON. His first book, Steel in the Blood, has received rave reviews and is available now wherever books are sold. Join his mailing list for exclusive early access and an opportunity to pre-order his next book at

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NavyCon, Coming to a Computer Near You

NavyCon, the premier science fiction and national security conference, returns for its fourth edition inviting speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including all five branches of the service, as well as civilian academia and science fiction fandom, to present on topics within the theme of national security in transition.

What fear lives in antiquity?

Nourse Pits Art Versus Vengeance in The Link

The themes of power and beauty come together in a clash of wills, and of the soul, in this classic from Alan Nourse. The story portrays those who value power and have deep-seated senses of honor as the antagonists, who are nonetheless seduced by the soul of beauty.

Who's in charge here, anyways?

Wolf Sets Standard for AI, Culture in Robots of the World, Arise!

By N.T. Narbutovskih The term “droid” has a special place in the heart of everyone who has a passing familiarity with science fiction. Mari Wolf coins the term in this quirky tale about robots, consciousness, and humanity. Wolf’s forecast of the rise of human-consciousness equivalent artificial intelligence has all the classic veneer of the Golden …

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Phillip K. Dick’s Mr. Spaceship Turns AI On Its Head

Any sacrifice for the greater good is acceptable. War doesn’t wait on the needs of the individual. These themes are present in today’s tense international environment just as they were when Dick wrote this packed tale. From AI to warfare to original sin, this story hits all the big questions. Classic Phillip K. Dick tales …

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As artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are changing the way we wage war, some things will always stay the same.