Table 19

Reading Time: 17 minutes A woman tries to intervene with the fate of a young barista, but fate will not be cheated.

A Medieval Tale

Reading Time: 14 minutes A monk in a medieval priory faces the sudden appearance of aliens that seem strangely familiar, only to learn he was once one of them.


Reading Time: 5 minutes A woman researcher is her own test subject. Or is she the victim?

(Image by swantjebiehler from Pixabay)

Flowers for Humanity

Reading Time: 4 minutes A haunting tale of the Fundamental Equation of life in this Universe, and its accidental misapplication by the hidden god of the ancients.

Under the Mistletoe

Reading Time: 3 minutes A creepy little trip down memory lane, suitable for inclusion in a Christmas nightmare gallery of speculative horrors and sensations.

A Voice From the Past

Reading Time: 18 minutes The young archaeologist Edward Campbell, is obsessed with the idea of knowing what happened to his father, who died years earlier while exploring an unknown tomb he discovered in an isolated area of Egypt.

Second Bite

Reading Time: 4 minutes A dentist with a dark family history receives a request to fit a patient with a very unique set of teeth.